Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Million dollar Darcy

The first time I set eyes on Darcy, she was standing in a cage at the Denver Dumb Friends League, barking her head off.
The sign on the cage listed her as "not suitable for first time dog owner."  That didn't bother me.  After all, I'd owned dogs pretty much my entire life.
What I didn't realize was that those words were code.  What they really meant was:  This dog needs a wealthy and dedicated owner.  Emphasis on wealthy.

Although she appears to be the picture of health, my beautiful,
active dog...
just can't seem to stay away from the vet.
The most recent issue is a recessed vulva.  We have battled one infection after another for nearly six months, and I've finally had to admit defeat.  Today, Darcy is undergoing a vulvoplasty.  Yes, you read that right.  My dog is having plastic surgery on her vulva.
You can't put a price on love, but unfortunately my vet doesn't accept love as negotiable currency.  Darcy's vet bills have put a strain on our family budget so I'm offering a couple custom tack slots on a first come, first serve basis.   The first is for a dark brown or black huntseat saddle set.  This includes a saddle, bridle, girth and fitted pad for $350 plus shipping.  (Sold!  Thanks to everyone who inquired.)
The second slot is for a Unicorn bridle, in white, black, brown, blue or pink leather with choice of horn color.  This one will cost $100 plus shipping.  (Also sold!  Thank you so much to everyone for your support!)
Both slots must be paid in full immediately and delivery will be guaranteed before October 15.  Please send all inquiries to braymere@comcast.net.  Darcy and I thank you for your interest!


  1. Oh no! Infections are never fun to fight- but it sounds like a ~creative?~ solution to it.

    Darcy is lucky to have such a loving and talented mother ;)

    Good luck on the surgery!

  2. Oh no! Poor girl!

    (And yes, that is "code" for EXPENSIVE DOG.)

    Poor thing, good luck on your surgery! If I wasn't saving my money I'd donate it all to you! <3

    (By the way, this is AdairLikesDogs again, my Google account won't work, so now I'm Anonymous)

  3. I have spent over $5000 on my three rescue dogs over the last three years, so I totally understand. That is for extra stuff, not just shots, etc. But they keep the nest from being empty and I need that. Sure wish I could buy your unicorn bridle, but I feed dogs instead.

  4. Oh I'd love to buy a set!! Sadly I can't :( haha I'd probably dissect your tack to figure out how to make my own! Just kidding! That would be horrible, selling your hard work to be ripped open :( hope no one actually does such a thing!!

    1. Way back when, I bought a brand new, state of the art English saddle from Carol Howard. I kept it as is for a while, but eventually took it apart to see how it was made. Unfortunately, it was made in a way that it didn't come apart easily and I learned nothing!

    2. Well hope gets well soon


  5. Sorry for the Infections. Bought a rescue dog with the same "not first time" label. Little did we know that she was super sensitive with food. $100 90lb bags of dog food is not fun!

  6. Yes, we have two rescue dogs both with allergy issues (Misty currently has two vet wrapped legs, one also has a sock covering the paw) who take a variety of medicines. Grandpa's spoiled little pure-bred shih tzu who annoys most of us to death is just fine. >sigh<

  7. If it makes you feel the least bit better, I'll confess that I just spent $500 on Barney - yes, the world-famous Saddle Pig. He had a massive bladder stone (larger than a pea!) that had to come out, or it was PTS time. :-( So he went under the knife. After 2 1/2 weeks of hand-feeding before and after surgery, I'm happy to report he's doing quite well. I just took out his stitches myself and the incision is perfect. If we hadn't hand-fed, though, he never would have made it as he'd lost quite a lot of weight.

    Hope Darcy feels much better soon and manages to stay out of trouble for a while!

  8. We've spent $100 on a chicken (that, sadly,didnt live), almost over $1000 on one of our dogs (she made it though!). Us good pet moms must unite!

  9. I am so sorry!! Poor Darcy. I am glad that your sets sold. I will be praying for you!!


  10. O no, Darcy! That's no bueno!

  11. Poor Darcy :( snap I missed the tack slots so bummed I do hope Darcy gets better