Friday, September 13, 2013

Not complaining

The rain has stopped, my house is dry, the lights are on and my family is safe.  Because these are the things that truly matter, I'm not going to complain about missing tomorrow's Butch Cassidy Shootout Live Show in Laramie, Wyoming.
Good luck and safe travels to all the Coloradans foolhardy adventurous enough to brave the storms and travel to Wyoming.  If there had been a performance division, I might have risked it, too!


  1. The main thing is that you and your family are warm, safe and dry! There will always be other shows...

  2. How long has that show been running? I used to live there, and I had NEVER heard of a live show held there! Of course I leave, and then I hear about one! :P

  3. It's new this year.

    I really wanted to go, and as late as this morning, I'd planned to go. That's why all the ponies are boxed up and waiting in the living room.

    However, I had second thoughts when I learned that I-25, Highway 287 and Highway 85 were ALL closed from north of Denver to the Wyoming border. To get to the show, one has to swing so far east you end up in NEBRASKA. I wasn't willing to do that. Probably I'm going to miss a fun show, but that's the breaks.

    Maybe next year!

  4. Your mother is glad you're not going!

  5. Ha, I think we all know who Anon. is ;). I just heard about all the rain (I am out of the news loop too) and wondered if you were affected. I am sorry to see you are but happy to know you are doing ok.

    BTW Poneh arrived safe. Too bad you couldn't have tied some of that rain to his box as we are under a severe drought. I'll post about him as soon as Google quits fiddling with the new designs and lets me. I can't get my blog to load to post.

  6. Ha! You missed out on a fun drive and the people watching at the hotel front desk. :-) Smoke was AWESOME....