Monday, September 2, 2013

My new saddle

Don't get me wrong--I love my ancient Courbette.  It's served me well for more than a decade, and is quite possibly the best seventy five dollars I've ever spent.
That said, it's not an ideal trail saddle.  It's fine for short rides, but around the two hour mark, I often find myself wishing I had something a bit cushier.  I happened to mention this to a riding friend today, and ten minutes later, I was the proud owner of an old Western saddle.
I don't expect a free saddle to look like much, so the dirt...
and duct tape didn't scare me. 
I figured it'd clean up ok and I was right! 
Yay!  No more duct tape!
It's a Hereford by Tex Tan which is a low to mid market saddle.  It's not the best, but it's certainly not the worst either. 
I'm not sure that this saddle will be a keeper, at least as far as actual riding goes.  It's a bit big for me, and I'm not convinced that it will be significantly more comfortable than the Courbette.  Despite that, I'm happy to have it.  After all, there's nothing better for a tackmaker than having actual tack in the studio!


  1. This summer I became the proud owner of a western saddle of indeterminate make and a mid 90s-late 80s Collegiate english saddle via garage sales. I have no horse to put them on (I'd wager that only the Collegiate is horse-safe anyway), but it's still great to have the real deal in the studio!

    Hopefully it'll be at least marginally more comfortable!

  2. A sheepskin seat cover would be a ton easier to pack around ;)

    I do miss my old Courbette but it was sacrificed for lack of fit...

  3. For 1/3 the price of your saddle you can get the foam tush cush. ;)

  4. You can get the seat replaced on the western saddle for under $50. Mine has carpet padding and soft suede, which is much better than the thin foam and old, worn suede! Or, you can buy a gel seat saver at a tack shop for about the same money. If you are really going to spend hours in the saddle, that might be a better option!

  5. Heather Moffat's seat savers are apparently the best for English saddles. Not sure if you can get them in the US, and one would be about the same price as your saddle, but it may just be worth it. Put it on your Christmas or birthday wish list!
    Or maybe even, but some memory foam and make your own, I'm sure with your skills you could easily make something!