Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pictures from today's ride

Today Mary Jo and I rode out to the eagle nesting area which is just past the Coal Creek Arena.  Because this part of the trail is closed most of the year, I had not been out there before.
This is the tree with the eagle's nest in it.   Sadly, there were no eagles to be seen today.
On the way out there, however, we saw (and heard!) lots of low flying Air Force jets... 
and one big bull snake.
Rev hardly seemed to notice the jets or the snake, but he was deeply suspicious of all the storm related damage.
This debris field was all kinds of scary... 
and neither he nor Scarlett wanted to go past the collapsed prairie dog fence. 
Mostly we kept to the top of the trail, but we did drop down into the riverbed on the way home.  All the water crossings were wider... 
and deeper than usual! 
Rev did this without batting an eye, but of course all the pictures are of Mary Jo and Scarlett!
Also on the way home, we saw a big bird flying over the trees.  At first I thought it was a hawk...
but when we got closer, we could see it was a turkey vulture. 
And there wasn't just one of them up there.  We counted six separate birds circling over this part of the riverbed.  I wonder what was down there?   
We didn't investigate.  That part of the trail is flooded, plus both horses were unnerved by whatever it was that attracted the birds.
Yee haw! 
Heading home.  
I know I've said this before, but I am just so happy with my current real horse situation.  I loved every part of today's ride and can't wait to do it again!


  1. Oooh, what a brilliant place (and weather!) for a hack!

  2. The place must be amazing,IF IT WASNT FLOODED,awsome pictures