Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emma's equine encounter

Emma isn't expensive the way Darcy is, but she has her own set of problems.  

Again, it's not something you can see in pictures...
However, you'd figure it out soon enough if you were to come to my house.  Emma is fearful--really, really, really fearful.  She's happy and confident when she's at home with her family, but new people and new situations terrify her.  I've done my best to gently expose her to different situations, but it's slow going.

Still, I persist.

While Darcy was at the vet's office yesterday, I decided to take Emma with me while I ran errands.
Mostly she stayed hidden on the floorboards, but she popped up and sniffed the air when I turned into the driveway at Kenlyn.
Unfortunately, that brief show of interest quickly turned to fear when she was introduced to the Big, Scary Monster.
Emma says, "Get me out of here!" 
Rev says, "Nom, nom, nom." 
Emma remained suspicious, 
but eventually she decided Rev was (sort of) okay.  
Poor Emma!  I'm not sure she's ever going to be a good barn dog, but it won't be for lack of trying on my part!


  1. I always spelled "nom nom" with a 'u.' "Num num." But the meaning is clear. I'm glad Rev gets to associate treats with a ride; my own horse eventually knew a bucket meant being caught. Congrats for keeping trying with Emma! I think she's in good hands.

  2. My German Shepard, Unika, suffers from extreme anxiety, so I can totally relate. Unfortunately, he's also impeccably smart, which often gets him in trouble. I actually cannot take him to my best friend's house anymore because he can climb the backyard fence and tries to play with the horses. I also have to padlock his crate because he has figured out how to unlatch his crate.

  3. Our rescue dog Maddie was an anxious mess when we got her. It took her 3 years to calm down and start trusting people, but now at 8 she is the loveliest and most bomb-proof dog and is currently teaching our newest puppy how to behave in society :) I think Emma will be an excellent barn dog one day. Keep persisting!!

  4. One of my mom's dogs was very fearful when they first got her. Not only was she abused but she was rarely fed. It took probably 2 or more years before she stopped growling at me everytime I went to visit my parents. Now you'd never know she behaved that way towards me because she comes to me for attention. She still doesn't like new people, though.

    I love reading your blog posts, Jennifer. You are a good story-teller. :)