Sunday, September 1, 2013

Solo Sunday

I arrived at the stable late today, and all my friends had already hit the trails.  I didn't feel like riding in the ring, so I decided to try a solo trail ride.
We set out toward the trail head, passing pastures full of horses...
and two stray dogs...
who were out for a ramble. 
A big house cat greeted us as we turned the corner...
and rode past all the people on the golf course. 
As we put more space between ourselves and civilization, we began to see a few rabbits...
and more... 
prairie dogs... 
than we could... 
possibly count! 
Of course, where there's rabbits and prairie dogs, there's also things that eat rabbits and prairie dogs. 
Little bird, big bird. 
I just love the hawks! 
Our final destination was the pavilion at the Coal Creek arena.
This is where Erica's Celebration of Life was held, and I think of her every time I ride on this trail.  Sometimes it almost seems as if she's riding with me.
I haven't gone on many solo trail rides, and I always thought riding alone would be lonely.
I'm pleased to report that's not the case.  Rev is a fine companion in his own right, and this ride was filled with critters and memories.  I'm looking forward to more solo rides in our future!


  1. Looked like great riding weather! I've never noticed Rev's face mark before- either I'm blind or his forelock is usually covering it. Neat little partial moon going on!

  2. Rev's blaze is shaped like a wrench! You can see it better in this post. Back when I first started leasing him, I was fond of saying that this was proof that he really was a tool. However, now that I like him so much more, I just think it's cute!


  3. Rev is so cute..sssooo cccuuuttteee together i love,his colorong and his saddle he is so cute i wish he was mine sorry Of my question on the other posts pls Check the other post


  4. Wow!'theres so many things to see on your trails!! We could probably see hawks other horses and gallop around over Feilds but that's it! Wow : D id love to take a trail there!! Also I just started this blog, I'd love you to check it out!!

  5. I also make traditional tack but mostly SM tack and some classic, wanna check out my blog?? I usually post everyday, I really love your blog and it would mean the world for you to see some of my work : D I love your tack tips too!! But you don't make much anymore :( I guess no one ever said any thing for tack tips :) I enjoy reading all your blogs!! And I actually went through your whole blog haha I just kept going back, I love your old and new work!!! : D

    1. I don't know why, but my computer hates your blog. None of the pictures are working.


    2. Awh :( that's too bad, i don't know why the pictures aren't working :( they where a few days ago and they don't work for me anymore when I look at my blog :( how do you put in pictures? It's a puzzle for me but I copy a photo off my iPod and paste it on... ?

  6. I like your blog and tack


  7. Excuse my ignorance, but WHAT is that little animal in the photos?? We definitely don't have any of those in Australia!

  8. Nicholle there parie dogs

  9. I must agree, i always thought riding alone would get lonely, but I've never really had anyone to go with except on odd occasions, and some days it is great to just go out for a nice ride by yourself just you and the horse. Miss those rides so much sometimes

  10. Solo trail rides are my favorite...