Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy weekend

Harness?  What harness?

Weekends are always busy, but this one was more so than usual.  It started with a track meet...
and ended with a trip to Heritage Square in Golden, Colorado.  While we were there, we spent some time splashing around a kiddie pool in the giant hamster balls.
Without a doubt, this was one of the weirdest things I've ever done! 
We also conquered the suspended obstacle course,

climbed a rock wall, 
and did some fancy trampoline bungee jumping. 
Between the track meet and the amusement park, I also went to the stable twice. 
and I had a great time riding Rev... 
 or should I say Carrick?
...and feeding him his noms. 
I really, really, really meant to work on that harness, but as you can see, there just wasn't enough time.  Today is a new day, though, and I promise there will be progress pictures in the near future.  Probably.


  1. I love how this post mixes real life with horses with model intentions. Hey, you gotta live! Was it fun playing in a pool after all the flooding?

  2. I'm getting (Judge Judy)a Peter Stone pony.Wish me luck with that.How does the kids like riding Rev and ur hobby?? Please respond:)


  3. Uh huh.. yah, you'll get RIGHT on that harness... with the entire week's forecast being *lovely*....

  4. Lol Theresa,jenn needs to get to work on,rhat harness:)


  5. What Jen really needs is to go riding at the AFA, nothing like a great ride to clear your mind before winter arrives!

  6. I bet riding Rev is awsome and cool.Rev is so cute and adorable.:)


  7. I think Rev is fun to ride, but he can be a real handful. Several of my riding friends have made comments along the lines of "better you than me." Of course, I look at their dead broke, super quiet Quarter Horses and think much the same thing. I do like a horse with a little spunk, and Rev has that in spades.

    My older son, Ryan, has no interest in riding him. James comes with me occasionally and does really well. His skills aren't exceptional, but he's a very relaxed rider with no fear. Rev picks up on that and goes well for him.

    I can't believe no one but Sue commented on the picture of me in the giant hamster ball! That was such a weird experience. I was sore the next day from falling down so much, but it was still really fun!

    1. Atleast the kids enjoy Rev.Quarter horses are always calm and quiet,but Rev will always have some spunk too him