Thursday, September 12, 2013

Epic rain

Colorado weather is predictably unpredictable.  Last week we had record setting heat.  This week we have rain.  Lots and lots and lots of rain.

Like any good horse mom, I've been worrying about my boy so today Carol and I donned our rain coats and headed out to check on him.  
The rain was so heavy that the windshield wipers could barely keep up and nearly every intersection was flooded.  Sustained, torrential rain is extremely uncommon in Colorado, and the storm drains are completely overwhelmed.
We arrived at the barn during a slight lull in the storm.  The arena was completely underwater...
but Rev's pen was drier than I'd expected.
Poor soggy pony! 
We filled up a bucket with nom noms,
and hung out with him while he ate.  
By the time he'd finished, it was pouring again.  We didn't want to get stranded so we got back in the car and headed home.  All the streets, no matter how wide, were down to just one lane...
and the park by my house is completely flooded.
Carol didn't stay, so now it's just me and the girls, sitting at home and watching the rain come down.
I wonder when it will end?


  1. This is so devastating. I've been watching it on the news all day. Last I heard Big Thompson Road is gone. It's so numbing.

  2. Got photos from our general manager who lives up in Coal Creek...holy crap....

  3. I live in Aurora which is on the east side of the Denver Metro area. It's bad here, but nothing like Estes Park or some of the other mountain communities. The damage up there is just terrible.

  4. We are on edge down in Colorado Springs. Since I do Emergency Management we are really worried for Manitou. You guys are sure getting the brunt of the rain! Hopefully by Saturday it will start calming down a bit. Stay dry!

  5. its super hot were i live the dogs dont even go through the doggy door they just poke there head out


  6. All of our rain down here in Arizona happened over the end of the weekend and all Monday. It was pretty uncommon for us to get so much constant rain, though I don't think any of the areas flooded quite like that! Pretty crazy! Cool pics tho. It was brave of you to venture out into it.

  7. We just got bad bad rain!! Not as bad but it was pouring hard!! You should sell a few saddles, make 500$ and buy rev a water proof blanket :)

  8. We had some bad rain storms like that earlier this summer. Rain that came down so hard and fast the roads instantly flooded. I discovered my car doesn't like to go in that kind of rain (had to stop and wait it out or risk not going again). Stay safe!

  9. So far the part of Aurora where I live has had 7.8" of rain today with another 1" to 3" forecast for tonight. This is the highest total in the state, but because Aurora is mostly flat, the destruction has been far less than that in the mountain and foothill communities. Still, it's pretty rough out there. I'm glad I checked Rev when I did, but I will not be leaving my house again until it clears up at least a little.


  10. It must be bad there as you guys made it onto the British main news on the TV! The UK over the last few years has suffered the same thing, we had houses and whole hillsides washed away. The weather is definitely on the change for the worse.....

    I hope it drains away soon and stay safe.

    Cristina :)

  11. I live near Billings, MT and I'm sorry but I had a small chuckle when I saw that you had received 7.8" of rain in a day-ONLY because we have had less than 9" of rain all year.

    Stay dry and send a bit of that moisture northward. It looked like it was supposed to start moving out today and tomorrow.

  12. At least you can get out to Rev. I have the St. Vrain and the Big Thompson between me and my girls. Thank goodness they're in stalls.

  13. My step dad is on California's Urban Search and Rescue team and the national Command Team for it, and they just got shipped out there at 2am this morning. Crazy stuff!