Thursday, September 19, 2013

If you give a moose a donut

When my kids were younger, we spent a lot of time reading together.  One of our favorite titles was Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Moose a Muffin.  In this book, the gift of a single muffin turns into an all day extravaganza filled with blackberry jam, sweaters, puppets and wet sheets.
Ryan and James are much too old for picture books these days, but I am reminded of this story every time a seemingly simple hobby project turns into an adventure of epic proportions.

For example, I recently bought this Donut Race prop.  It's a nice, well built prop and most people would have consider it show ring ready. 
I am not, however, most people.  I have a tendency to over think things.  In this case, it was the two extra donuts that got me going.  
You can't leave donuts out at a stable.  If they're not eaten by a dog or a horse, they'll most certainly be covered in flies.  It was obvious to me that those extra donuts needed to go in a donut box.  I Googled "donut box template" and came up with this awesome design from Small Stuff's Print Mini website
It was just as easy to print six boxes as it was one, so I decided to do that. 
I cut them out and glued them together, and then I realized I had six donut boxes for two donuts. 
I went back to Google and searched for miniature donut making tutorials.  I found one, and then it was off to the hobby store to buy some Sculpey.
 I made a few donuts.
Then I made several dozen more. 
I baked them in the oven...
and filled my donut boxes.
Then--finally!-- it was time to test run my new prop. 
Psssst--it's easier if you take your hat off! 
I am really pleased with this set-up, but I can't help but thinking that it still needs something a little bit extra...  Like, perhaps, a greedy dog gobbling up spilled donuts on the other side of the hay bale.
Oh boy, here we go again!  Why does it always go like this when I give the moose a donut!?


  1. ...Or if you give Jennifer Buxton a donut game prop!!


  2. Well now I want to make miniature donuts :)

  3. Are you kidding? Now I'm hungry!!

    Drat you! But oh aren't they just the cutest things???? <3

    (PS. And now I want to make mini donuts too.)

  4. OMG! Adorable donuts...
    Is there nothing you can't do?? lol

  5. I can not overstate how much I enjoyed making the mini donuts. Now I want to make more miniature food...

  6. Hey, Jennifer, I'm loving the set, your really really creative!! I'm haveing some problems pricing my saddle I'm working on, I just posted a photo on how it looks now, it's almost done! Just needs panels, but can you look at it and tell me how much you think its worth by looking and then I'll add in how long it took and how much money I Spent to make it, also I have a tack tips tutorial, can you show us how to make panels?? It's really puzzling to me, :) id love to see a tutorial on how to make that!! Thanks again, I'd love it if you can check out my blog

    -shanon (Dakota lights studio)

  7. hey can u make a donut totruial


  8. Great post! I'm totally the same way. I think that's why I like performance so much- you can almost always take it one step further!

    If you want some ideas for more minature food, check out Last Alliance Studios- she does amazing stuff: Plus she gives some tips and links to tutorials, too.

  9. Now I`m hungry too! These donuts look as tempting as their large counterparts! I feel with you when it comes to ideas which develop a bunch of following possibilities...

    Best wishes,

    Doreen from Germany

  10. thanks u here that jenn go there


  11. Hilarious! I love it! This is the sort of 'over the top' stuff I always love but never had time for :-)

  12. Okay, the mini doughnuts is SO YOU. The boxes a bit more ME... and that would have been SO much more fun to do today than what I did do....

  13. That is so great, Jennifer. How clever. I've always wanted to make mini food and even bought sculpted in a bunch of different colors but never did anything with it.

  14. And I'm sooooooo sure that your family was dining on gourmet cuisine while you were crafting miniature non-edible donuts, right? ;-) Those are adorable! We have had Sculpey in the house in the past and it is some fun stuff. I am always better creatively when I have something to "copy" or model and making wee donuts would be right up my alley.... Also, I canNOT believe there was a template for tiny donut boxes? Is there nothing that isn't available online?

  15. Ha! Love it!

    Same thing happens to me all the time. I went on a miniature-making spree a few months back. I just don't have photo evidence yet... :P

  16. This is so true - one thing leads to another and before you know it you've spent the entire day making things you originally had no intention of making! XD

  17. Hahaha, gorgerous! What a great idea, and awesomly performed.

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