Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun with tack

It took longer than I'd expected, but Anne's sidesaddle set is finally finished.
I've always wanted a sidesaddle set of my own, so I allowed myself to play with it a little before I boxed it up and sent it away.
Hummingbreeze is a lovely sidesaddle mount. She's big and elegant and kind. 
Maybe too kind... 
After all, we know that sidesaddle girl is a wild thing.
Yes! I think Sweet Basil suits her better!
And yes! I really must make myself a side saddle sooner rather than later!


  1. I LOVE the set. Love it, love it, love it! And I love your photos, especially of the one of the doll looking at Hummingbreeze. She looks a lot like my Victrix Enchanted Eve (who may have to be the first side saddle horse...)you also make me wish I still had my Hazel.
    And yes, you absolutely should make yourself a side saddle!

  2. Beautiful. That first shot almost looks like a real horse, the bridle is so natural looking. I've always wanted to ride sidesaddle. It is so beautifully elegant and those women have to be in darn good shape to do so!

  3. Wow! It's gorgeous!!
    You make me want to go saddle up some horses! :) My tack ain't very good though. ;)

  4. Beautiful work! Hummingbreeze looks so content. :)

  5. wow that is amazing! i wish i could make tack as well as you can!

  6. your work is incredible! Your tack definitely inspired me to get involved in the model horse hobby here in New England!! :)

  7. Is the beautiful brown horse on top for sale by chance

  8. Sorry, Iola. I very rarely sell my customs and resins, especially not the ones I feature on my blog.

    By the way--that's a Carol Williams Victrix resin, painted by myself and an unknown artist. I call her Hummingbreeze.