Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last minute complications

Yesterday I wrote: Barring any last minute complications, my work on both these horses should be complete before the official end of summer vacation.

Well, we've had some last minute complications.  As usual, Darcy is the culprit.  She's three legged lame on two different legs.  Not good.  I did manage to find a vet with office hours today, but our appointment isn't until four in the afternoon.  I've spent my day hanging out with Darcy, trying my best to keep her quiet and comfortable.
I did manage to find a little time to work on the bad karma Lorenz.  He may not be completely one hundred percent done, but he's awfully close.  
At the very least, he's no longer a member of the project shelf herd!


  1. My thoughts are with you. Congratulations on resurrecting an older horse. I enjoy the stories behind them, and I think you could change his karma considerably.

  2. Just back from the vet and the news is good. It's all soft tissue injuries so no casts or surgeries. Just pain meds and lots of rest. I do not look forward to three weeks of unexercised Darcy, but will do whatever I can to insure a good recovery.

  3. Glad to see your notes here about your sweet, foxy girl. The Lorenz is looking great!

  4. *hugs* to you and Darcy!

  5. *swoons* Your Lorenz is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for the compliments on the Lorenz. I have to admit I'm quite pleased to have brought him back to life. Now I just need to think of a better name than "Bad Karma Lorenz."