Friday, July 1, 2011

The mane event

Sculpted hair can pose a unique challenge to the model tackmaker.  Bridles must be made to fit over, around and sometimes through manes and forelocks. Usually this can be accomplished by adding a little extra length to the crownpiece or browband.  Sometimes, however, you run into a critter that is so hairy that the entire structure of the bridle has to be reconsidered.

Erin Corbett's Sir Sproing! is a perfect example of this.
photo by Mel Miller
Sir Sproing!  is a Breyer Wintersong that has been drastically customized by Erin's friend, Melanie Miller.  He's going to be a really cool model, but that mane and forelock are the very definition of not tack friendly.  When Erin asked me to make him a pair of English bridles, my first thought was "this is going to be real interesting."  

After a lot of thought and a little bit of experimentation, here's what I've come up with--two separate two piece bridles.  The main part of each bridle consists of the reins, bit, cheekpieces and caveson.  There is also an unattached throatlatch piece.  
Bridles without crownpieces require extra help to keep them on the model's head.  Because sticky wax is notoriously unreliable, I've attached the cheekpieces directly to the noseband.  With any luck, the noseband will support the weight of the bridle and all the sticky wax will have to do is keep the bits and strap ends in place.
Here's the dressage bridle...
modeled by Sir Sproing!'s head double Scary Larry
and the hunter bridle. 
Dead horses need tack, too!
Thanks to Erin and Mel for the giving me such a unique challenge.  Hope you're pleased with the results and good luck at Breyerfest!


  1. Very cool. I have modified bridles for a couple of horses along with a harness. But always just did the sticky wax thing.

  2. Love the name on the dead horse head :D

  3. Dessage, huh? *That* should be very interesting!

  4. Not gonna lie... the decapitated horse head made for some funny photos.

  5. Oh yes, I had to do something similar to show off my little Shetland models. Mojito have the same.. trouble with nothing do to about his neck7mane area. Thus I did the same thing. Needless to say he looked adorable in his little blinged setup. ;-)

  6. YAY! I knew you could do it! He's going to look awesome! Just over a week to go... EEK!