Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ted Flowers Texas Star parade set

One of the most spectacular offerings in the 2011 Old West Show and Auction was this Ted Flowers Texas Star parade set.
Ted Flowers was one of the most prolific and best known parade saddle makers of the last century. Based in Indiana, he was most productive in the 1950's and 1960's, and his saddles were very popular among contestants showing in the Parade divisions at Saddlebred, Morgan and Palomino shows.
Like so much of Ted Flowers' work, this set features monel plating.  Monel is a nickel alloy containing copper, iron and manganese that is highly durable and resistant to corrosion.  The Texas Star pattern is one of the hardest to find and most desirable of the Flowers patterns.
A few construction details for the model tackmaker--unlike the Bohlin set featured in last year's auction, the serape buckles onto the saddle underneath the corona pad.
The stirrups are attached to the fender via a swivel and are covered with twenty eight inch tapaderos.
The inside of the tapadero is lined with sheepskin.
This beautiful parade set sold for just $5,500.  Compared to its sterling silver covered counterparts, that's a real bargain!


  1. Awesome photos of a wonderful saddle. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Wow, what a STEAL!!! Thanks for sharing. I am one of those who collects the photos of the palominos and "white" horses in this type of tack. My dream to have my Ajax in this type of stuff.

  3. Way cool... I knew a relative of mine created the alloy but never knew of an application for it.

  4. Hi, just thought I would help clear a few misstatements on this saddle. First off, it was not made by Ted Flowers. This saddle was built by The Bruce Lovins Silver Saddle company. This saddle is shown in the Lovins catalog as the "Starfire Champion". This saddle in not Monel, it is German silver. This model was never offered by Lovins. In Monel. The total weight of the saddle is 86 pounds. I own this saddle, I bought it at the auction. If you have any more questions of would like any other photos of the set, just email me at