Monday, July 25, 2011

Horses N Hangars resin stock, gaited & Spanish breeds

More photos from Jennifer Scott's Horses N Hangars Live show which was held last Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado.  

The Resin Stock Breed division opened with the Appaloosa class.  This customized Rose Reiner...
and this Lone Star painted by Laura Skillern are both owned by Kim Lovelace.
Teresa Fedak is the lucky owner of Surprise, an Eberl Carlito painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop. 
I tend to overlook minis, but this guy was too cute to miss.
Onto to Paints!  Both these boys were painted by Liesl Dalpe and belong to me.
Diane Capwell's work was also well represented with not one... 
but two Beaux resins in the mix.
This big boy is a Sundance resin.  He was sculpted and painted by Colorado's own Sheila Anderson Bishop.
Quarter Horses were next. 
My customized Valor by Tiffany Purdy was fourth.   I was pretty pleased with that...
because the horses that beat him were absolutely amazing.  Second place went to this guy.  He is a Knightly Cadence resin with a new neck and Valor head.  Liesl Dalpe did the customizing and Kim Lovelace is the lucky owner.
The winner was this lovely grey Matriarch by Carol Williams.  Just beautiful! 
Mustangs were next and what do you know? 
It was another big, tough class!
Things didn't get any easier as we headed into the Gaited/Spanish division.
Talk about a tough decision!
This is the one I wanted most.
Another one of Kim's models--this is an Eberl Mulinette customized and painted by Cindy Williams. 
Gaited and Spanish callback table.  If I remember correctly, the Indy was Champion and the mule was Reserve.
Whew--I told you I took a lot of pictures!  Just ponies and drafters left to go (for this division anyway!).


  1. The grey rabicano sabino Indy was a portrait of Tara Oliver's real horse, painted by myself. Such a lovely sculpture, you can never go wrong!

  2. I *thought* that was one of yours, Danielle. He's just lovely, but of course they were all lovely. SO glad I wasn't judging that class!

  3. The Rose mini is Ziggy Stardust owned by Teresa Fedak:) And the Sundance is Teresa's also.

  4. awww Jennifer, your blog is wonderful! how could I not see this before?! you do such a great job documenting the shows you go to. wow. and you are quick!! if only I could be so quick on my blog. :) it was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday and seeing your BEAUTIFUL horses. truly amazing taste you have.

    thank you for loving T-bone (the one that Danielle did) - she is my favorite! you are so sweet. I will definitely keep updated on your blog now. :) LOVE your photos!! thank you for posting them!!

  5. Does anyone know who owns that bright red dun Dante in the Mustang class, or how he did? He is a gorgeous horse!!

  6. Heather Malone owns the Dante. I'm not sure who painted him, but it's really good finishwork. So good, in fact, that he won this particular class!