Monday, July 4, 2011

Parade of bridles

As of ten minutes ago, my Breyerfest orders are officially finished.  Hurray!

Interestingly, no one needed saddles this year.  In fact, with the exception of Stage Mom's boots and breastplate, it's been bridles, bridles, bridles!

This one is for Tiffany...
As is this one.
The cavalry bridle proves my theory that good reference material is never a bad investment.  I bought this book eleven years ago, and this was the first time I've used it to make something!
This isn't a bridle and technically it isn't part of a Breyerfest order.  Still, I have trouble sending Tiffany a box of tack that doesn't include at least one pink item. 
Because, you know, if there's anyone who needs a pink half pad, it's Tiffany!


  1. Congratulations. It must feel good to get them done in time. That cavalry bridle is awesome. Love the pink half pad too :).

  2. LOL! Yes, she does need a pink half pad :) And since Mattes lets you customize them with almost every color imaginable, it's even realistic :D