Sunday, July 17, 2011


One of my very favorite hobby people is dispersing her model horse collection.

Words can not convey how sad this makes me, and it's with mixed emotions that I welcome  Dunkirk Leeds into my herd.
I've long been a fan of this particular pony, and his picture has been featured on my blog several times over the years.
Blue Skies Live Show, March 2011
Dunkirk did not come empty handed.  He brought along his dragon game prop,
a pony sized meadowbrook cart, 
and a custom harness by Emily McFadden of Ghost Wolf Ranch
He also came with a box full of prizes, including a championship trophy won in the Custom Other English Performance class at NAN 2005.
More prizes!  I've got to say, I love this method of storing NAN cards.  The majority of mine are filed in a recipe box.  That works, but this is a much more elegant solution.
 Dunkirk's other paperwork includes a full pedigree...
and a complete show record.    I wish I was organized enough to have these sorts of records for all the models in my collection!
I am really, really honored to have been entrusted with this lovely pony.
Still, no matter how long he stays on my shelf, I have a feeling I will always think of him as "Jane's pony."


  1. Since I don't show models, I have an ignorant question: Why do they pass the awards and such along? I guess if it is the same year and they qualified for NAN that makes sense, but otherwise... ??

  2. Not everyone is organized enough to keep track of all this stuff. It's far more common for a model to come with its NAN cards and nothing else. Even expired cards count towards merit awards, so they're definitely nice to have. The awards and show record tell the history of the model. This particular pony has been a mainstay of my friend's showstring, and I think it was important to her that he keep his identity, so to speak. I don't mind a bit. I like to know the history of my things, and little Dunkirk has a history to be proud of!

  3. Thank you so much for this little 'tribute' to my old favorite:-) I know he has the best of homes with you :-)

  4. Yep - that's Jane's pony :) I'm sure you'll enjoy the hell out of him :)

  5. what a darling of a pony!!! that is so cool how he came with all his things too! i need a good system of storing all my records and model horsey files.
    you should post some pics of your recipe box..i am very interested to see how that works and see what it looks like! *wink wink*

  6. I'm revisiting some of the online model horse places.. can't say I'm not wistful ..