Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

It's been another hot, lazy and unproductive day.  I have nothing to offer but a bunch of pictures from the Rocky Mountain Classic Miniature Horse Show.


  1. The second picture made me think, "Hmmm... maybe they should take the animals' height into account when ordering their ribbons."

    The black cantering in harness is awesome.

    The frogs on the final picture... so much cuteness =)

    Other pics great, too, but I thought I should limit my comments ;-)

  2. That little black harness horse was an absolutely amazing mover. He was also a hot potato (hence the cantering) but just so, so fancy!

    And it's not just the frogs... everything about the last picture makes me go "Squeeeeeee!"

  3. You can have a lot more fun with a mini than I would have thought. Generaly I'm of the opinion if you can't ride it, what's the point? :-)

    I also loved that black.

  4. I do find the concept of roadster classes somewhat bizarre! Dressed in silks, in a sulky, with a tiny pony!

  5. Quanita's Brave got his surprise from Snow Leopard today! I made a goofy post w/pics for it but darnit, blogger won't let me post it! I wanted you to know it arrived and was a huge surprise!!! Thank you so much for making this for him!

  6. Hmmm I ought to get me a mini instead of a fullsize horse.
    "Be back in an hour, darling. Just gonna walk the horse..."

    Whata sight. Thankyou for sharing these, they look adorable!

  7. That last photo, with the tuck and the teeny weeny hooves just make me want to adopt some minis and get jumping!!!