Saturday, July 16, 2011


Wednesday I took four kids and one dog to Belleview Park in Englewood, Colorado.  
This particular park is one of our favorite summertime destinations.  In addition to the stream, there's also a train, a petting zoo and two playgrounds.  One of those playgrounds has monkey bars.  

It turns out that James and monkey bars are a bad combination.
Our regular pediatrician doesn't put casts on broken bones, so yesterday we drove out to the Parker Adventist Hospital and saw the orthopedic specialist.
After that, we stopped by the Colorado Horse Park where the Rocky Mountain Classic Hunter Jumper Show was in full swing.  In theory, we were there to visit the Hawaiian Shaved Ice booth...
but of course we watched a couple classes, too!  
These ponies were competing in a Small Pony Hunter Under Saddle class.
The Small Pony hunter division is restricted to ponies standing 12.2 hands or less in height and riders twelve years or less in age.  Don't be fooled by those facts.  This isn't a beginner's division, and the competition is tough.
I loved the color of this roany pony! 
Beautiful blue eyes.
James will return to Parker to get his cast off on August 12...  I wonder if I can turn that into a horsey trip as well?


  1. Poor James! My son was about the same age when he climbed our basketball post while it was wet and slipped and landed on his arm. He was so calm, we almost didn't go get it x-rayed.

  2. I love the brotherly love picture.

  3. Well, I *didn't* get it x-rayed until the next day! His wrist wasn't discolored and it didn't swell, so it just didn't look broken. Shows what I know!

  4. Poor James,breaking his arm in the middle of summer! I know how he feels,I broke my leg (horse kicked me) the end of May and got the cast off 3 weeks ago.Is it that bad that he had to go to an Orthopedis Specailist or they just had to put the cast on? Or is it because of the growth plate? Well,I hope he feels better!

  5. Poor James! Hope it doesn't cramp his summer too much.

    At the Germantown Charity this year I noticed a LOT of high-level small and medium roan ponies. Does anyone know if it's a fashion or just coincidence, and what the breeding might be?

  6. Years ago, I went to Pony Finals and the overall champion was a roan pony named Tickled Pink who was ridden by a very young Liza Towell. I think there's always been a lot of nice roan ponies in the hunter ring!

  7. That roan *IS* super cute...

    And I'm sure you can turn the return trip to Parker into a horsey adventure, even if all you do is go to Dover :)

  8. the wee roan is SUPER cute!!! love the face marking and blue eyes!!!

    you do see a lot of coloured horses/ponies out jumping, even over here in NZ...they look so cool as well, especially over coloured showjumps!!!! haha!