Sunday, July 24, 2011

Horses N Hangars resin light and sport breeds

The Light Breed Resin Halter division at Saturday's Horses N Hangars Live opened with the Arabian stallion class.  Since Deb McDermott was judging, I couldn't show Rune.  Fortunately he's not the only nice Arabian stallion in my show string!
The winner was Kim Lovelace's dapple grey Khemosabi resin.  Kim is a new face in the Colorado show ring, but she's no newbie.  Her show string is absolutely top notch, and this was only the first in a whole string of blue ribbons for her. 
Arab Mares and Geldings were next.  
My Rio Rondo Park Arabian resin won the National Show Horse class...
and Kim's Rio Rondo Park Arabian resin won the half-Arab class.
My own UVM Right Royal was second in the Morgan class.
I'm not certain, but I think this Santa Fe Renegade resin owned by Heather Roell may have been the winner of the Morgan class.
The last class in the division was an Other/Mixed Light Breed class.  
Another Santa Fe Renegade!
This little guy is a portrait of Teresa Buzzell's big guy, Flick.  Mini Flick is a mini Nahar resin sculpted by Sarah Rose and painted by Steph Michaud.
And the winners are...  two of Kim's horses!  I think the Park Arabian was champion and Khemosabi was reserve.
Onto to the Sport Horses!  This is judge Deb McDermott muling over her placings for the Thoroughbred class.
Success!  My Victrix was third and my Valor was first.
Adonis Z was unable to replicate his recent championship.  This time he had to settle for third place in the Warmblood class.
I didn't have any horses in the Carriage/Driving class, but I had four in Other/Mix Sport.  Neither of my Akhal Tekes placed.  Frank was fourth...
and Sweet Basil was the winner!  Yay!
Here's a look at the Sport Breed callback table.  My Valor was named champion and Teresa Buzzell's Alchemist (the dark bay Lancelot on the far right) was reserve.
Still to come--stock horses, Spanish and Gaited horses, ponies and drafters!

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