Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Basil visits

It's too hot to work, so I've opened the studio to visitors.  
Basil was intrigued with the sidesaddle.  Sadly, I don't think she has the withers for it.
Perhaps the Charro saddle will be a better fit...
Rata de montar.
Post saddle fitting bath.
Stay cool, everyone!


  1. She's great to let you dress her up! You can have my cool, grey, rainy weather any day lol

  2. I always love to see pictures of your cute well-mannered "riding rat"!

    Kind regads, Doreen from Germany
    (where the summer currently has erratic mood swings and feels like spring/fall when the hot period ist gone)

  3. The picture with the charro saddle had me nervous... she's eyeing it... "that could be tasty"...

  4. Just made my day - too funny! And actually, I had the same reaction as Bif - Basil's expression does seem sort of speculative!

  5. naww! she's just too cute!! she must be so patient with you! haha! and now i know who made that Charro saddle too! it's very cool! i saw it on a forum..uhh, quite awhile ago!!

  6. The main concern with Basil is not nibbling so much as it is peeing. She's been a bit on the leaky side her entire life, so it's not every day I let her run across my work area!

    I made the Charro saddle last year. All together, I've made three Charro saddles. Two live in Texas and this one belongs to me.

  7. I've saddled my rats too! I've had about 12 so far. I have 2 female hooded rats right now, Willow & Rooney.