Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday I featured a picture of a draft horse covered in saddles. Today it's a draft-type horse covered in people!With his black spots and feathered feet, Navajo was the most recognizable horse in the Tom Sawyer Day Camp herd. He was also one of the most beloved. He spent his mornings at PreCamp taking care of the smallest campers...
and then after lunch he'd come on over to the regular camp and pack around everyone else.
I worked on the Tom Sawyer Day Camp horse staff for four summers in the mid 1980's and also spent three years riding camp horses during the off season. This was the height of my brave/crazy riding phase, so I didn't have a lot of interest in actually riding "Nava-SLOW." Despite that, I always counted Navajo among my favorite horses.It was impossible not to love Navajo. He was just a big, cuddly, cute teddy bear of a horse!
The RB Romke resin that I have been working on for the last month is a semi-portrait of Navajo. I hope that when it's finished it will be a worthy tribute to this grand old horse!


  1. awww I have one of those gentle giants too! Slow as hell and boring to ride but you can't help but love them.

  2. He looks like a big love. Great one for the kids to enjoy, too!

    I believe the resin you are painting favors him a lot.