Friday, April 2, 2010

Sophie's tack

Today's featured tackmaker is Sophie Lightfoot who hails from the United Kingdom.Sophie writes: I saw your post about 'tack by other tackmakers' and it was fab! I love seeing what others make, so I thought I might as well send some pics of mine for you to critique!... Thanks, and any criticism is welcomed, I always love to hear what other think of my tack, it helps me to improve! (btw all the holes were punched using a mechanical pencil, and the leather dyeing tutorial has worked wonders for me!)
These last three pictures are of Sophie's in-progress police horse set. Here's the saddle,
and the boots (I really like the boots).
Salinero all tacked up. This is looking really good, Sophie!Sophie is also the creator of the Facebook group Model horse tack! (!/group.php?gid=336334867717 ). I joined earlier this week and have greatly enjoyed looking at the pictures in the group photo album. If you're a Facebook user, you should definitely check it out.