Monday, April 26, 2010

Post weekend show report

Remember that in-hand set I made for Tiffany's custom Alborozo? Here it is again making it's debut at the Quabbin Valley Performance Open show held last Saturday in Ludlow, Massachusetts.Der Fliegender Feldman won his class so he is going to NAN. Woo hoo and congratulations to Tiffany! Thanks also to Linda White for letting me use this photo.


  1. This setup was quite the hit - it really stood out and the attention to detail was amazing!

  2. It's such a pleasure making things for someone like Tiffany. Not only is the tack going to be worn by something *amazing* but I know it's going to be fitted exactly right. That's no small thing on a complicated set like this. A lot of people would have had trouble fitting all that stuff on the horse's head (especially the drop noseband) but Tiffany pulled it off. She is also responsible for the saddle blanket. Not sure who dressed the doll but the whole set up looks really sharp and cohesive.

    Thanks again for letting me use the picture, Linda. :)

  3. oooh...wish I could have seen this in person...