Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just add water...

If only it was that easy!It's taken me all day, but yesterday's pile of ingredients now looks like a saddle.
Anne and I first started trade negotiations for this saddle nearly two years ago. I hope she's not disappointed. My saddles are nice enough, but I'm not sure they're worth that kind of wait...
Tomorrow I'll tackle the girth and pad. Is anyone interested in seeing the ingredients that go into that?


  1. Nice job :) And yes! Show the pile of supplies :)

  2. I am not at all diappointed! Wow! I am very excited and would love to see more ingredients. Yay for new tack! And new gorgeous tack is even more fun!

  3. The saddle is just beautiful!! It is amazing how you can turn a pile of "ingredients" into something so fantastic. You are very gifted. Looking forward to your next post!!