Sunday, October 18, 2009

IPABRA Tack Library

Here's an idea whose time has come: The International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association (IPABRA) has opened the hobby's first tack library. Club members can borrow tack and props from the library for just the cost of postage. What a wonderful way to try out performance showing on the cheap!A quick scan of the Tack Library's website ( reveals all sorts of goodies in every scale from stablemate to traditional. There are halters...
and bridles.
Pads...and saddles.There are also costumes...
and props,
including this nice four wheeled cart!
To be completely honest, most of the offerings are not open live show quality. That's to be expected. Top quality tack is expensive and most people aren't going to donate their "good stuff" no matter how worthy the cause. Still, this is a wonderful way for a beginner to try performance showing without a big initial investment. I would love to see the Tack Library become a big success. When (if?) I get caught up on all my tack orders, I intend to make a few items for the Library myself!

More information about IPABRA can be found at their home page:


  1. Thanks for sharing this page! Tack Library is such a wonderful idea, I'm definitely considering donating my tack too.

  2. I really wanted to donate something but then I thought - what happens if I donate something and a person borrows it and doesn't give it back?.. but maybe I'll donate something anyway down the line a bit..