Friday, October 30, 2009

"In progress"

Ugh! This saddle has been in progress for more than six months, although I suppose "in progress" isn't the best way to describe something that's been sitting untouched in a pile for most of that time. I was at loose ends today, so I finally picked it up again.I made the stirrups and assembled and hung the fenders. This was harder than it sounds. I think I had to recut the fenders three times before they fit the junior rider doll properly.
Perhaps I'll get it finished tomorrow. Or maybe it will sit on my desk for another six months...


  1. No i know how you get the saddle to fit a doll..!

  2. What an adorable little doll! Did you make her?

  3. Jane--I *always* try to make saddles that fit both the horses and the riders. It makes life so much more difficult on the front end, but is definitely worth it when you're at the show. I find the junior rider doll to be particularly challenging, but I think this saddle will be just right in the end. I hope so anyway!

    GWR--Oh, gosh NO! I don't do doll clothes. If Jane ever finishes her book (hint, hint!) maybe I'll give it a try. Until then, I am happy to let someone else dress my dolls. This particular one is the work of Marilyn Fowler. She will be a great little barrel racer if I ever get her saddle finished.