Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mini donkeys!

Today was a beautiful fall day. It was much too nice to stay at home, so we all got in the car and headed north to Mazzotti Farms in Hudson, Colorado. We spent the afternoon picking pumpkins... and crashing through a corn maze.
That was pretty fun, but as far as I'm concerned Mazzotti Farms best attraction is the herd of miniature donkeys.These guys are so cute...
and friendly!I am partial to the spotted donkeys...
but both my kids liked this little grey one the best.
James really, really liked him. He had no interest in petting any of the others. His heart is true and would not waver from his one true love.Me and a friend.
More photos of our fun day out can be found on my other blog:


  1. Good deal! Yesterday was the perfect day for a fall outing :-) I'll have to look this place up and see if they're still open after Halloween :-)

  2. What a nice outing! Wish memere could have gone also.

  3. I love going along on your field trips! Your boys are very lucky!