Wednesday, October 7, 2009

High Country Live Wrap-up--People and Problems

Here are a few more photos from the High Country Live show in Calhan, Colorado. Every time I take my camera to a show, I do so with the intention of taking pictures of people as well as models. Somehow that never seems to happen. Saturday was no exception. Of the hundred or so photos I took that day, only these four are "people pictures". Oh well, maybe next time!

First up is this picture of show holder and judge Nancy Dement eyeing the callback table for the Resin Lightbreed Championships. If you look carefully there are five Braymere horses visible in this picture!
This is Jane Schneider readying her pony for the Other English class.
Western performance shower extraordinaire, Lu Heater, is shown with her Other Western entry. Lu is also an amazing tack and costume maker.
Last but certainly not least, here's my friend Teresa Buzzell having way too much fun at her table. Teresa was a huge help to me at this show. There is no doubt that I would have missed a lot more classes were it not for her. Thanks again, Teresa! Unfortunately the day wasn't without casualties. Here's Hot Summer Knight after his performance debut.
The sticky wax pulled off a big chip of paint at the corner of his mouth--that's bare resin showing through. I'm good at fixing things, but I think this is beyond me. This horse has an absolutely beautiful paintjob. Ideally I would like to send him back to the painting artist, but I'm told she doesn't do repairs. Any suggestions? I really do not want to strip him...


  1. Hey Jen,

    Have you talked to Lauren Hoeffer (formerly Tapley) she does repairs and was able to repair a Deseoso for Kellye Bussey that had the same thing happen -- BIG chunk of paint came off right under the bit at a show here in January.

    You might get in touch with her and see what she can do for you? Or Sheryl Leisure also does repairs, i think...

    Good luck!

  2. I was about to say the same thing as Jamie - I had pretty much the identical thing happen with a Deseoso and Lauren did a really good job fixing it. Of course it was a bay and the damaged area was black, so that did make it easier.

    Sheryl Leisure is also really good at repairs and very reasonable. I think your biggest expense is going to be shipping that big heavy guy back and forth!

  3. If he was bay, I would have no problem fixing it myself. You can't really tell from the picture, but he's an odd shade around the nose and also slightly metallic all over. I think it's going to be *really* hard to for anyone to make a seamless repair. Sigh. Such a disappointment! I do appreciate the suggestions. I'll try to take better pictures and send them to both Lauren and Sheryl for estimates.

  4. Talk to Liesl Dalpe too--she does amazing restoration work. I've got a horse that was a NAN champ before breaking 3 legs a tail and his ears in an accident. Liesl rehabbed him and you can't tell what's broken...and he is back to winning

  5. You're welcome - again. :)

    BTW - your presence is requested at CL7. We're going to do our best to get everyone out for trick or treaters or whatever they want to do that night!

    And I'm sorry, but I haven't a clue how to/who to bug about fixing your guy. Maybe see if Jenn Scott or Sheila can help? (And perhaps they can have him done by CL! ;))

  6. That is so weird! The SAME thing just happened to my friends lonestar over the weekend! The sticky wax just pulled a huge chunk of paint off! One of the judges said the same thing has happened to her, and that it is usually a prepping problem. If you need more suggestions on people to repair him just let me know, I have a few! And good luck with it!

  7. Metallic sheen wouldn't be too hard to match if you had a speck of pearlex to mix in with the paint/pastels. Small repairs like that aren't too bad if you know what you're doing, especially since it's on his off-side and in a transition area (instead of say on his haunches where it's bright lighting and an even shade to try to match. I can usually repair something like that at the show hall when I go (I bring my acryllics and pastels to ever show for just such occasions).