Sunday, October 4, 2009

High Country Live Pictures-Other Performance

I did not show in the Other Performance division at High Country Live so that left me plenty of time to take pictures of other people's entries. There were only two horses in the harness class and this was the winner.A detail shot of the Bill Duncan wagon and Jane Schneider dolls. Jane is also the lucky owner of this entry.
I don't know who owns this lovely custom PAM. I do not think I've seen her before.
A Native American costume entry.
Another one from the Native American Costume class. This amazing set up is owned and created by Lu Heater.
I love Lu's costumes...
so I took lots and lots of pictures!
The Other Performance class was a mix of costumes...
and other events.
Jane's pony was back with this in-hand entry. He was the reserve champion of the Other Performance division.
Lu's Appaloosa also came back with this scene type entry.
Once again, it was amazing.Not surprisingly, this horse was the Other Performance Division champion. Congratulations to both Jane and Lu on their outstanding set-ups!


  1. The PAM was Marilyn Jensen's and she's modeling a Jennifer Wilson costume. And can you believe Lu found the tepee, as a kit, for $25?!?!?!

    And Rune is GORGEOUS. I wish I had more of a brain to drool on him in person instead of in photographic evidence!

  2. Thanks for posting pics of my pony! i plan to do a lot of work on his little rider-girl..

    Where's your horses?

  3. Teresa, thanks for the info on the Arab and costume. That was a lovely entry! I'm amazed at all Lu's things. She is one of the best when it comes to details and pulling an entry together.

    Everytime I see Jane's pony I'm reminded that I have a similar one sitting in primer on my shelf... Someday I need to fix that!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. So beautiful!