Monday, October 12, 2009

This and that

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote with suggestions regarding my Knightly Cadence's paint damage. I'd just about convinced myself that he was beyond repair, and I am delighted to hear that's not the case. My current financial situation dictates that repairs will be done later rather than sooner, but I am optimistic that Hot Summer Knight will eventually be restored to his former glory!
I was hoping to share some tack pictures today, but progress has been slower than expected. My shoulder is healing but it's still not one hundred percent. Certain repetitive motions--such as those required to prepare leather--are painful and I'm having to limit my time at the worktable.
Today's photos are of the same vintage as the rodeo clown pictures. That's me hanging out with some of my friend's real horses after a model horse photo shoot. Trish and I were big into photo showing back then, but even our best combined efforts were unable to transform that Rugged Lark into a winner!

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