Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Breathing room

The last fourteen months have been a whirlwind of big events, most of them model horse related. 
It started in January 2019 with a trip to California for Kylee Park's Super-CALI-Fragilistic Live show. 
After that, I dove right into NaMoPaiMo, which lasts twenty eight days for most people and solidly six weeks for me. 
When that was finally done, I boarded another plane, this time to Oregon for BreyerWest. 
A month later, I showed at Heather Malone's Candyland Live.
And a month after that I went to Wyoming for Anna Miller's Indian Paintbrush. 
June was quieter on the model horse front, which was good because things were crazy (in a good way) at home. My horse loving niece, Lilie stayed with us for two weeks and we went riding every single day but one. 
I dropped Lilie off at her home near St. Louis on my way to BreyerFest. While I was in Kentucky, I judged the kids' show and represented NaMoPaiMo in the Artisan's Gallery. 
After that, I rolled right into full time Jennifer Show preparations. Have you ever cast twelve hundred medallions on your back porch? I have. 
The Jennifer Show dominated August and September, but I did manage to sneak in a quick trip to San Antonio, too. 
The show was a big success, and October and November were quieter. 
I didn't have any major hobby events, but I did fly back to California to visit my mom. 
Then, of course, December brought a weekend China painting workshop at Karen Gerhardt's house, 
the holidays...
and my trip to Europe. 
I came home and BAM! It was time for NaMoPaiMo again. 
And of course, last weekend was both the end of NaMoPaiMo...
and the first Denver BreyerWest. 
If this sounds wonderful, it was. 

If it sounds exhausting, it was that, too.

Fortunately, there's rest for the weary. I still have a lot of NaMoPaiMo prizes to ship and a few old orders to fill. There's a small, local show i'd like to attend in May, but that's it for this year's hobby events and obligations. I am excited about all the open days on my calendar. There are so many things I want to do, so many things that have been put off until I have more time. That time is almost here. 

It's going to be awesome.

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  1. Breathe deep. You deserve it!! Oh I just finished a jigsaw puzzle of Neuschwanstein...