Thursday, March 26, 2020

Alpakafarm Schaber

Shortly after she moved to Germany, my friend Carol joined the Stuttgart International Woman's Group. Every couple weeks, the group gets together for food and various social outings. One of those meet-ups took place at Alpakafarm Schaber in NĂ¼rtingen-Neckarhausen, Germany.
Carol fell head over heels in love with the alpacas.
She started volunteering at the alpaca farm, and her Facebook feed has been filled with alpaca pictures ever since.
When she asked me what I wanted to do while I was in Germany, visiting the alpacas was the number one item on my list.
So, on my last Friday in Europe, Carol and I drove out into the German countryside.
We were scheduled to "help" with a birthday group, but we arrived a little early so we could spend time in the pastures.
As the party goers began to arrive, the alpacas were herded into the barn.
Carol and I helped catch and halter them.
Most of the alpacas did not want to be caught, so this involved grabbing them by the neck as they ran past you. It was a little bit of a rodeo, but also so much fun. Alpacas are small enough to be non-intimidating, especially if you're used to horses. Also, most of them stood very kindly once they'd been caught.
The kids lined up to get their alpacas. Since I was a volunteer, I got the last alpaca, which was - no surprise - the surliest and least cooperative of the group.
His name was Oziander.
There was a quick lesson in alpaca handling, and then we set out.
Most of the alpacas walked really nicely.
Not Oziander.
He leaned against the rope.
He pulled.
He wouldn't stay in line.
He made a lot of noises.
I worked with him the way I would with a naughty horse. 
He got better... Sort of. 
Oh, Oziander!
This was such a fun day!
Thank you, Carol, for sharing the alpacas with me. They are as amazing as you said they were, especially my bad boy, Oziander!


  1. why yes, it turns out this was exactly what i needed today haha - those alpaca noises!!! so cute

    1. Oziander was the worst behaved and the loudest alpaca in the group. At first, I was sad that I didn't get a better partner, but by the end of our walk, I was totally Team Oziander.