Thursday, February 27, 2020


By all measures, NaMoPaiMo is going well. Over two hundred eighty models have reached the finish line.
 Awesome Tribute is one of them.
I should be happy, but mostly I've been feeling overwhelmed. This is mostly because the last two days of NaMoPaiMo are also the first two days of the first Denver BreyerWest.
Even as I type these words, hobbyists are flying to Colorado from all corners of the country to compete in the live show, sell at the swap meet and learn in the workshops at Erin Corbett's fifth BreyerWest. If it was any other weekend of the year, I would be so incredibly excited. Instead, I've been kind of hostile. How can I possibly enjoy BreyerWest with NaMoPaiMo happening at the same time?
Today has been a long day of NaMoPaiMo admin, house cleaning and packing for BreyerWest, but I did sneak away to the barn for a short ride.
The weather was great, and Stealth was his usual surefooted self. We came home through the river bottom, which included some slick, technical sections. No problem. Then - right at the very end - we hit a patch of black ice. Stealth lost his footing. He scrambled, sat down and almost tipped over. I stepped off, and he was able to right himself. My ribs hurt where I collided with the saddle (it wasn't a graceful dismount!) but we're both fine.
And strangely enough, that little mishap gave me a lot of much needed perspective. There's still way too much going on this weekend, but it's okay. I can deal with it. For a couple of moments, I thought I was going to be finishing up NaMoPaiMo in the hospital. Running it from the National Western Stock Show Complex will be just fine. In fact, it will be awesome. I can't wait!

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