Friday, March 20, 2020

BreyerWest swag

I've already shared pictures of some of my BreyerWest swag.
In addition to the judges' pom pom antennae, I also came home with four new Maggie Bennett skulls - two with clay, two without.
Everything is extremely well made with all Nichelle's usual attention to detail, but I am especially enamored with the green plain blanket.  
This one has all the extras - tongue buckles on the straps, shoulder gussets and a tail flap. It's fabulous.
As compensation for my work on Sunday, I received four original finish Breyers.
I'd seen Jennifer Scott's Hamilton before, but this is the first time I've really had a chance to inspect him up close and personal.
He's super. I can see why all the OF collectors are in love.
The Orren Mixer Quarter Horse is also surprisingly appealing. I'm not really a Breyer collector, but I have no plans to part with either of these guys.
My strangest BreyerWest keepsake was gifted to me at the close of business on Sunday.
I have no idea what the story behind this is. Perhaps it was an offering to the plastic pony gods to ensure a good event? 
All I know is now it's mine. Try not to be too jealous.
Thank you, Erin, Maggie, Nichelle, Kat and Heather. I love this year's BreyerWest swag!


  1. A Centequus! Too funny! And always enjoy when your dogs make an appearance.

  2. I have a partial answer for you--the legs were broken off of test stablemates that will not be produced, by the person who paints them up for Breyer, but I have spaced on her name--oops. I have some legs too!