Friday, March 20, 2020

Sunday work/Sunday play

The Youth/Novice Show was the main event on BreyerWest Sunday.
photo by Nelli Jeanne Lucus
I had a NaMoPaiMo table in the hobby information center.
photo by Heather Malone
There were a number of high profile hobbyists seated with me. At times we were very busy, but there were also long stretches of relative quiet. Fortunately, Maggie came prepared. She brought a box of skulls and the leftover clay from her workshop, which she generously shared with everyone in the vicinity. 
This is Maggie's "Appaloosa mare" head.
Here's my Arabian.
I had enough time to get him to the ear stage, so Maggie demonstrated how to make an ear. First, roll the clay into an almond shape.
Flatten the almond into a lopsided leaf.
Then pinch the bottom together.
Here's my Arabian with ears.  
 At the end of the day, most of the clay heads went back into the tub of Monster Clay.
But not my Arab! He came home with me, and is currently living in a plastic cup on my kitchen counter. I'll move him eventually, but for now, he's a happy reminder of a fun weekend.
Thanks to Erin Corbett and all the good people at Breyer for another fabulous BreyerWest. I'm already looking forward to next year's edition.

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