Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday favorites

After "little" Toadstool's big win last year, the expectations for Kylee Parks' 2018 BreyerFest Best Customs Contest entry were sky high. Could she do it again? Could she do it better? Were the rumors true? Could her fantasy entry actually stand a towering thirty eight inches tall?

The big reveal happened yesterday, and the answer to all these questions was a resounding YES! As Heather Malone put it: Kylee threw it down so hard *it* is in China

If ever a model was worthy of a Friday Favorites post, Takeshi is the one. Here he is in all glory. Thank you so much, Kylee, for allowing me to share your words, photos and talent here.


This rare and miraculous creature known as the Equikoi appears to be a unique blend of wild mustang and the domestic Koi fish.
How the Equikoi came to be is still a mystery and due to their elusive nature and tendency to be bottom dwellers few have actually seen one and behavioral information is limited.
Scientific observers have recently located and been observing the behavior of a small band of Equikoi in now protected waters. Remarkably, early studies have found much of their behavior to be more horse-like than fish-like, possibly due to the fact that they appear to have the brain and heart of a horse. 
This exquisite specimen here is called a” Butterfly” or “Longfin” Equikoi, so called for the large, colorful wing like tail. 

He has been named “Takeshi”, meaning ‘military’ or ‘martial’ in Japanese. “Takeshi” is an Equikoi stallion and is the leader of his small herd of mares. 
The males display a more colorful pattern, most likely to draw the attention of the females. 
Being swimmers rather than land mammals, their hooves are larger and grow longer than normal horses which not only helps them paddling through the waters, but also helps when foraging for food and in battle.
Due to continual threat from predators, the occasional challenge from young rival stallions and fight for territory, “Takeshi” finds himself in perpetual battle mode defending his herd... teeth barred, tail held high, not only for balance but for demonstrative visual intimidation. 
While the estimated lifespan of the Equikoi has not yet been determined, by the look of the grooves in “Takeshi’s” teeth he most likely has some age on him and his tattered tail tells us he is and has been a fierce warrior, provider and defender of his herd.
Completed June 2018; drastic custom breyer “Desatado” sculpted with magic sculpt and painted in acrylics, oils, pigments, pastels and pencils by Kylee Parks.


  1. It's a relief to know that even today some creatures can never be captured, or molded.
    I hope Kristina is suitably awed. I certainly am!

  2. These moldings are absolutely amazing! They almost look like painting from afar. Love the colors are so vibrant. Thanks for the share, hope you have a nice rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  3. WOW! (jaw drop and near faints)
    Just, WOW...

    1. So enthralled I didn't even spell my name correctly...

    2. Lol, he had the same effect on my except Kylee was the one whose name was misspelled!

  4. I have no words. This horse is just incredible.

  5. I am usually ambivalent about fantasy creatures to the point of mild loathing, but this guy has stolen something deep inside of me that I'm not going to call my heart because that is still dead...but possibly some small, still sparkly part of my soul. He is absolutely breathtaking.