Monday, February 26, 2018

I did it

The weekend kind of got away from me, but I have a really good excuse: Miss Maeve is done!
I have been in love with Jennifer Scott's Brigid resin ever since Jenn placed the first waste mold casting in my hands. Although she's not quite as accomplished as Jenn's current work (not much is!), she's still a lovely piece with so much character.
Here's how Jenn describes her on her websiteBrigid is an Irish Draught mare in a slightly stretching standing pose. She is a little older, had a few foals, been the high-level show star, and schooled the beginners. Though she isn't exactly the most beautiful of mares (though we won't tell her that), she's probably the barn favorite because she's done something for everyone at some point. We all know those horses.
My own Brigid is slightly customized. I did a little bit of refining here and there...
and topped it off with a pair of lop ears.
She is my old grey mare, and she turned out exactly the way I wanted her to. 
This has been such a good month. Thank you to everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement. You helped me, and Maeve, so much!


  1. She's beautiful! I love her facial shading.

    I've now finished every single unfinished horse I have.... except for my namopaimo horse... She's almost done but I need to find a way to do better pinking on her flanks and face but I am unsure of which pan pastel color everyone uses for that. Do you know which color it is?

  2. Yay! Congrats! She really is lovely :) I love her face, she has so much expression! You did a wonderful job on her.:D -Charity

  3. Congratulations! She has such a sweet face and I love the fleabites!

    My horse is getting there, I'm very happy with how his body color turned out, he just needs a bit more detail work on his hooves, eyes, tail, and white markings.

  4. <3
    Into the homestretch...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Ooh I love her face! Such a sweetie. Looks like she's stretching out for treats!

    Congrats on finishing! She turned out really, really well. <3

  6. Congratulations! You are a NaMoPaiMo winner! ;)

  7. She's lovely! And there is a lot to be said for old grey mares. (Since I am one, I can say that! LOL) Anyway, I loved watching her progress and am so happy for you as to how she turned out. Congratulations!