Monday, April 3, 2017

I brake for cows

Longtime readers know that, when travelling by car, I'm always ready to stop and take pictures of whatever horses I encounter along the way.
Iowa horses, photo by Carol Beutel
Sadly, although we saw a lot of horses, there wasn't any stopping during our recent roadtrip to Texas. I wanted to, of course, but it was just too long a drive. My family is tolerant, but there are limits.
Texas horses, taken through the minvan's window at 80 miles per hour
Strangely enough, those limits did not extend to cows.
We drove over a cattle guard on the way to Capulin Volcano, and suddenly there were cows all over the road. 
We slowed down to look at them. 
Then James expressed a desire to touch one.
Seth sighed and pulled over. The cow wasn't into it. She watched James approach, but moved away every time he got near her. 
He tried again with another cow and then another and another. This might have gone on all day if Seth hadn't intervened. He got out of the minivan and chased the cows away. I guess that was his way of telling us it was time to get going! 
I always brake for horses, except when I'm travelling through New Mexico in my Dad's minivan. Then I brake for cows.
I think Dad would approve.


  1. The last picture made me sad.

  2. I used to have that same mug, it got broken tho. *keeps trolling*