Sunday, April 9, 2017

Personal touches

Ever since then, I've wanted one for my own collection. Theoretically, this should have been easy to accomplish since Bobbie sells the stands in her Etsy shop
Unfortunately, I didn't want just any stand. I wanted a personalized stand, with a Braymere logo that doesn't currently exist. It's hard to order pretend things, so the Braymere saddle stands haven't happened...

Until today!

Bobbie had these in her possession when she arrived at my house last week. Even though they lacked my desired personalization, I couldn't resist buying them from her. 
According to Bobbie, this black stand was a "second." It had a single, minor edge issue that I would not have noticed if Bobbie hadn't shown it to me.
I covered the issue with black leather dye, then dyed all the other edges for good measure. I sprayed it with a shiny protective finish and added a Braymere nameplate.  
I was so pleased with the way it looked, I added a nameplate to the red saddle stand as well. 
I still want a Bobbie saddle stand with the imaginary Braymere logo lasered onto it, but in the meantime, these will do just fine. Thanks, Bobbie!

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