Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pictures from Monday's ride

My friend, Bobbie is an accomplished horse person who owns a beautiful, black stallion named Bo.
Bo wasn't able to accompany Bobbie to Japan. Instead, he's spent the last two years living with one of Bobbie's friends in Arizona
This arrangement has worked well. Bo is doing fine, and Bobbie has managed to find a surprising number of horses in Japan.
She even gets to go riding every now and then. 
Still, I know she misses not just Bo, but also the whole experience of being around horses on a daily basis.
Because of this, I was bound and determined to get her on a horse during her stay in Colorado. Happily, I was able to borrow the two best trail horses I know. We saddled up...
and headed out!
Bobbie is a good rider and Santana is an easy and willing mount. No surprise, they got along just fine.
We rode to the bench and stopped briefly to take...
and pose for photos.
Then we continued on past prairie dog town to the river crossing.
More photos! I'm usually the only one carrying a camera so it's a rare treat for me to have ride photos of myself. 
We rode home through the trees...
along the river bottom.
It was a short but fun ride,
I was not surprised to see that both of our cameras had captured a lot of smiles.
I'm so glad we were able to make that happen!

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