Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Willow Tree fun classes

After the Willow Tree Live performance champions had been named, we moved on to the really important part of the show--the Fun Classes. 
This non-NAN qualifying division included a Cattle class...
and a Liberty class.
Hoka Hey won Liberty.
The last and best class was Pets. 
I could have filled this class a dozen times over, but I somehow limited myself to just three entries. 
The most important one was my model of Abbie, displayed with some of my favorite photos. Her tag read: Abbie the Best Dog Ever
 Well, she may have been the best dog, but at Willow Tree she was only the second best pet.
Top honors went to my Purdy... kitties, Pixel and Aeh, who were shown with their scratching post.
Thank you to Garret for including Fun Classes in the Willow Tree Live. They were really fun!

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