Thursday, April 27, 2017

Willow Tree custom and resin halter

Because performance was my main focus at the Willow Tree Live, I brought a smaller halter show string than usual
And when I say smaller, I don't just mean fewer in number. I literally mean smaller. Nearly everything I brought was a foal...
or a pony!
Only a handful of "big" horses made the trek over the mountains...
but the ones that did were well rewarded.
You know you're having a good day when your performance horse wins his halter class!
Here's the rundown of my top placers: Sweet Side was Reserve Champion Foal,
Vigilante Justice was Reserve Champion Spanish/Gaited, 
and Raton Cebo (Rat Bait) was Reserve Champion Stock Breed.
Liam Bray was Champion Draft Breed...
and Cuter Than Pixel was Champion Foal. 
Cuter Than Meeka was Champion Pony and Overall Reserve Champion.
Hoka Hey was Champion Stock Breed and Overall Grand Champion.
Congratulations Sweet Side, Vigilante Justice, Rait Bait, Liam Bray, Cuter Than Pixel, Cuter Than Meeka and Hoka Hey. Congratulations also to the artists behind the models: Carol Williams, Simrat Khalsa, Stacey Tumlinson, Caroline Boydston, Jennifer Scott, Sheila Bishop, Kristina Lucas Francis, Adalee Hude, Kitty Cantrell, Mindy Berg and, of course, Tiffany Purdy. These awards are yours as well as mine. Thank you for sharing your talent with me! 

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  1. Hey Jenn,
    Some here! Just wondering, who is your favorite foal?