Monday, November 24, 2014

Large scale performance

My friend, Janna Shepherd attended last Saturday's Mid Kansas Live All Performance Show in Rose Hill, Kansas.  This show was a performance junkie's dream with a full day of English, Western, and Other performance classes, separated into three divisions--Original Finish, Customs/Artist Resins, and Minis.

Janna brought her performance superstar, All Glory and kicked some serious butt in the CM/AR division.
But that's not what this post is about.   
It's about something bigger... 
1:6 scale performance horses! 
This guy is an Old Man resin by the Mexican artist, Luis Mariano Aguilar of Nohuanda Equine Art.  He is 1:6 scale, which is the size of the Best of the West Marx horses and much, much bigger than traditional scale.
All the horses pictured in this post belong to Amy Jones.  However, it's worth mentioning that most most models this size aren't made specifically for the mainstream model horse hobby.  Instead, they tend to be marketed to male collectors, who specialize in cavalry and other historic and Western themed set-ups.
This horse is a customized Marx model...
(another view)...
as is this one. 
My favorite is the bay Cavalry Horse resin, also by Luis Mariano Aguilar.
I am pretty devoted to my 1:9 scale world, but I understand the appeal of these larger models.
Also, I think it would be really fun to make 1:6 scale tack!
Thanks for allowing me to use your pictures again, Janna.  I wish you could go to a model horse show every weekend!


  1. That's great! They are so beautiful. I also work with the 1/6 scale.

  2. It's so nice to see these! What interests me (even though I'm no longer collecting/showing) is the dolls in this scale. They are SO wonderfully detailed and accurate and just fantastically articulated! If you look on ebay under toys/action figures/military and adventure you can see lots of examples. Heads and hands are interchangeable and some even have toes that flex!

    As an asside I have some men's shoes and boots for dolls this size I need to find a new home for... anyone want them?

    1. I agree. The dolls are definitely a large part of the 1:6 scale model's appeal. They are very realistic and non-doll like!

  3. 1:6 scale performance horses

    I will pretend I never read that oh god. I have the urge to go out and buy one.

    At least there are no 1:4 scale horses (please say there aren't) cause then I'd be so doomed cause I could get my 1:4 dolls proper horses

  4. Now that Breyer has done the 1:6 scale foal.
    Maybe they will look at a 1:6 scale plastic model?

  5. Thanks again for sharing my photos! I'm glad you enjoyed them! The 1:6th stuff was REALLY cool in person. I was just thrilled to see someone jumping in with that scale. :)

  6. I have a few 1:6 figures (never call them dolls in the company of hundreds of male military figure collectors on forums, ahaha!) and made a poseable cob for one of them, complete with foot fluff and a beard!