Saturday, November 15, 2014

Adventures in OF land

When Anne approached me about judging at TRXC, I told her I would be happy to take any division except OF Plastic.  

"That's not how it works," Anne explained. "TRXC judges have to judge everything, including OF Plastic."

"That sounds scary," I insisted, "both for me and the showers."

"It'll be fine," Anne said. 

And, I think, mostly it was.
I ended up with the Breed Halter section, which allowed me to pick horses based on anatomy, biomechanics, conformation and breed characteristics.  No collectibility knowledge required.
Not surprisingly, it was a good day for the Eberls... 
and also... 
the Carol Williams' horses. 
I also picked a few Cantrells...
and Siftons along the way. 
Despite my initial misgivings, I actually enjoyed judging these classes...
and things were even more interesting on Eleanor's side of the show hall.
She was judging OF Plastic Collectibility and her tables were filled with all sorts of goodies...
including a pair...
of presentation models, 
this lovely woodgrain Belgian,
vintage decorators, 
and a couple test models. 
There were also a few things that weren't immediately recognizable... 
What a neat find! 
OF Plastic halter will never be my favorite division, but I enjoyed judging it a lot more than I'd expected.  I'm so glad Anne persuaded me to take a walk on the plastic side!


  1. that wooden belgian is really interesting!

  2. OF Plastic is one of my favorite divisions, after Performance. Please show more photos!!! OF Performance maybe? :)

  3. I'm glad I could talk you into it as well :) Hopefully you can come out again sometime.

    1. I would love to come out again. I had so much fun!