Sunday, November 23, 2014

More horsing around

Today James, Carol and I drove out to Silver Quarter Acres in Golden, Colorado to meet Cara's lease horse, Romeo.
We watched Cara...
put him through his paces...
and after he was returned to his stall...
we walked around the property, looking for the cute and unusual.
We saw the Friesian with too much white,
a horse with a bad karma name,  
a spotty Appaloosa... 
and a palomino with a neat bi-colored eye. 
All in all, it was a pretty normal barn visit.
Then we saw the goat.
Check out... 
those teeth! 
Maaaaaaaaa.  Are you maaaaaaaaaaaa-cking me? 
Maybe just a little. 
Thanks for the fun morning, Cara and Carol!  Tomorrow, it's back to models.  I promise!


  1. That appy muzzle looks a lot like Ollie's...:)
    You should come and meet him sometime!!

  2. Do you have more pictures of the spotty appy???

  3. I'd love to meet you and Ollie! I don't have any more photos of the Appy, but he was a nice varnish roan. I'm partial to some of the "ugly" Appy colors, and I thought he was marvelous!

    1. I am too. At first I thought that the ugly appy colors were, well, ugly. Now I think very differently about that. I love the appaloosa pattern now!!! :)

  4. That is the FATTEST goat I have ever seen! He looks like a complete cheeky stinker!

    1. I think she is the fattest ANIMAL I have ever seen. She was HUGE.

      FYI--her name was Cleo. If that is short for Cleopatra, someone has a really good sense of humor!


  5. Romeo is very handsome!! and that goat.... too much lol (literally)

  6. The bicolor eye is really neat!