Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TRXC custom workmanship

I judged three separate halter divisions on the second day of TRXC.  They were Original Finish Plastic Breed Halter, Artist Resin Workmanship and Custom Workmanship.  Today's photos were taken during the Custom Workmanship classes.
The competition was impressive both in quantity and quality, with entries ranging from very old... 
to brand spanking new. 
There were pieces by Sue Kern,
Laura Skillern and Lauren Hoeffer,  
Hell on the Heart, customized by Laura Skillern, painted by Lauren Hoeffer and owned by Corrie McDermott
Pamala Hutton,  
Smoke and Satin, customized by Pamala Hutton and owned by Jackie Arns-Rossi
Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig,
Lasher, custom by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and owned by Jackie Arns-Rossi
Kirsten Wellman, 
Reedus, painted by Kirsten Wellman.and owned by Jackie Arns-Rossi
D'Arry Jone Frank... 
and Tiffany Purdy.
Copernicus, customize by Tiffany Purdy and owned by Kate Cabot.
Oh, those Purdy's...
Why don't that all belong to me?!
There were also a number of pieces by Tammy Myrold.
I hadn't seen much of her work previously... 
Princess Ida, customized by Tammy Myrold and owned by Kate Cabot
so this was a real treat. 
El Camino Dorado, customized by Tammy Myrold and owned by Kate Cabot 
My favorite class of the entire division was the Custom Pony Workmanship Stakes.
This was a huge class...
Duchess, customized by Jane Sabino and owned by Kate Cabot
filled with some amazing ponies.
Yes, that's another Myrold! 
I really struggled just to narrow it down to five. 
In the end, the top placings went to a pair of itchy hunters ponies by D'arry Jone Frank.
Customized Asset, customized by D'Arry Jone Frank and owned by Nina Henne
Pictures don't really do them justice.
Bells and Whistles, customized by D'Arry Jone Frank and owned by Nina Henne
So cute and so wonderfully twisty!
Bells and Whistles, customized by D'Arry Jone Frank and owned by Nina Henne

Congratulations to all the winners.  I really loved looking at your beautiful models!


  1. Replies
    1. He was Reserve Champion in the Custom Sport Breed Stakes Class. I don't think I had him in Workmanship.

  2. Omg, LOVE that 2nd itchy pony. It looks like it's alive.

    1. That was probably my favorite model in any division at TRXC. So cute and so well done. I wish I had got a better picture of her face. He had a floppy lip, half closed eyes and a completely blissed out expression. <3

  3. So many lovely models! Love the fjord custom! That first horse is gorgeous, what mold/model is that?

    1. If memory serves, that's a Custom Weather Girl by Jennifer Read. I hope someone will confirm that so I can edit the post accordingly.

    2. Thank you for letting me know, you were absolutely right, I found her on Jennifer's facebook page :)

  4. Hey Jen, did you know my Lonesome Dove was done by Tammy Myrold?

    1. I had no idea. Although now that you've told me, I can see Tammy's style in her.

  5. I love Princess Ida! She looks almost exactly like my real Pintabian Mare. :D

  6. I love the d'Arry Jone Frank piece. Very cute and reminds me of my pony :)