Thursday, November 13, 2014

All of them!

I asked...
and you responded.
The results were unanimous.
People want to see all the TRXC photos.
Iva's table
Brenda Bednar's half passing Fjord
That really might break Blogspot!
I don't want to bring down my favorite blogging platform, so I'm not going to post them all.  I will, however, share the best of the best, starting with my favorite division: Custom/Resin Performance.
Instead of using a "Post weekend show report" type of format, I'm just going to randomly pick some pictures and tell you what I know about them.
This is Jackie Arns-Rossi's infamous Walking Dead zombie trailer.  Even though I'd seen pictures of this, I was not prepared for the reality.
 So much grosser in person!
Here's another one of Jackie's horses, Heidi, participating in horse agility... 
and again in costume with her BCS unicorn bridle
This super nice mini won the Open Show dressage class.  I have no idea how he did in the Championship Stakes. 
Here's another Open Show winner.  This is a Tiffany Purdy custom owned by Beth Rappleyea. 
Egg and spoon was a popular choice for the Games class.  This particular entry belongs to Darleen Stoddard. 
Darleen is a tackmaker as well as a performance shower.  Her studio name is "Equiworks"...
and this is one of her saddles.
This documentation features one of my photos.
I don't think this is the entry it belonged to, but it's essentially the same sort of set-up.
Speaking of games class entry's, here's Beth's Purdy pony again.  So cute! 
Okay, people.  That's not all of them, but it's a good start.  Right?


  1. I spy pink glitter boots! Oh that makes me so happy. :D

    Performance photos in general make me happy too. Thanks for sharing! I love the costume set up with the wings/unicorn bridle. :)

  2. Your posts make me ache to get back into the hobby. I have a tub full of models who have not been shown in years. Keep the photos coming!

    1. Hey, I remember you!

      If you're reading this blog, you're still a part of the hobby, but I will do my best to lure you back into the *active* part of the hobby!

  3. The fact that I can continue to gross people out makes ME happy! :D

    1. I don't gross out easy, but that looked so much... stickier... in person.

  4. I'm beyond flattered to see some of my entries made it onto your blog! That's my chestnut Pheonix resin (named Mucho Nacho) going under the Cowboy Curtain obstacle, and again for the Paper Chain Game. It was an honor to meet you last weekend Jennifer, and I'm so glad you enjoyed my Raccoon Picnic trail setup! Thanks :) ~Jenna Melvin

  5. Well, I suppose the best of the best is close enough to ALL the pictures. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Jennifer, why don't you Create an Album on the Region X Facebook page and upload ALL of your photos from TRXC there. :D Then everyone can Like our page and come over to see the pics.