Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back in the saddle

I recently started riding Karen's wonderful horse, Bob.
Bob is a good looking, seven year old, endurance bred Arabian with three good gaits and a really good mind.  
We were just getting to know each other when I left for New York.  Unfortunately, by the time I came home, winter had arrived in a serious sort of way.
It's finally warm enough to ride again, but the arena is still a icy, muddy mess.
Instead of riding in there, Mary Jo and I saddled up...
and headed out. 
Scarlett has snow pads, but Bob does not, so we had to be extra careful along this first, snowy part of the trail. 
The footing improved once we were past the golf course... 
as long as we stayed on the trail anyway! 
Despite the snow, it was a nice day for a ride. 
As an extra bonus, we saw our first bald eagle of the season. 
There he is right between the trees. 
Although he hadn't been ridden in nearly two weeks, Bob was his usual safe and sane self.
Hopefully, we won't see any more winter weather until it's actually winter.  Bob and I want to get back to getting to know one another!


  1. Looks like a nice ride and Bob has such a sweet face!

    1. He is like a big puppy dog. I am especially in love with his curvy ears.


  2. beautiful photos again!!

  3. Bob! Love his name. And those curved ears are great.

  4. oh Bob is so sweet - love his splotchy white nose! glad he's such a good boy - and it's funny how you always seem to end up w the arabs :)

  5. Do you know anything about Bob's pedigree? He sure reminds me of a stallion I used to know near Montrose, CO who sired some endurance Arabs. His name was Koszar. This was in the early 1970s.

    1. Bob's registered name is Kenlyn Ovation. He was born and bred at Kenlyn, but I don't actually know anything more than that. I'll have ask Karen next time I talk to her.

  6. Gorgeous boy! Love the pictures!