Monday, November 17, 2014

Back to TRXC...

and the OF Performance division!

This was a big...
tough division...
with lots of correct...
and detailed entries. 
After posting so many pictures from Breyer's Big Easy Bash earlier this year, I was delighted to see Katherine Dwyer's winning harness entry up close and in person. 
 So cool!
 I was also impressed with Darleen Stoddard's lovely classic scale draft pairs harness...
and all of Nancy Timm's adorable ponies! 
 In-hand gymkhana!
I took several pictures of this Australian stock entry as it was being built.  The horse came first...
then the documentation... 
and finally, the props!
My favorite class of the division was the combined English/Western  OF Trail Stakes class.
There were so many...
well constructed entries... 
I found it difficult to choose just five. 
This set-up included a working fan! 
I loved Jenna Melvin's trail scene...
with it's mischievous raccoons,
but it was her other entry that claimed the top prize.
Congratulations to Jenna and thanks to everyone who showed in the OF Performance division at TRXC.  I really enjoyed judging your entries!


  1. Thanks so much for including one of my entries (again). :) How the heck do you keep them all straight when labeling pictures? Lots of notes?

  2. This gives me some awesome performance entry ideas!

  3. So many great entries! The trail one with the raccoons is awesome! I want to say someone posted the 2nd picture on Blab as a WIP because the ground area looks very familiar. If it wasn't this one it was similar...either way, it looks great.

  4. Yayyy! Thanks again Jennifer. Your photos are amazing and really captured how detailed and accurate everyone's entries were at TRXC. I hope you'll come back to visit Region 10 again soon - it was great to meet you. ~ Jenna

  5. Thanks for sharing more pictures! It makes me wonder though how you choose from so many cool entries. :)