Thursday, November 13, 2014

TRXC 2014

All live shows are unique in their own way, but the Region X Championships (TRXC, pronounced "Trixie") is truly a show like no other.  For one thing, this big two day show is actually two shows in one: an Open Show and an invitation only Championship.

Here's how it works.  Entries are brought up to the table for the open show.  This is judged as usual, with NAN cards awarded to the top two entries and flats for placings one through ten.
Additionally, The first and second placed horses also receive tickets for the Stakes class.
Resin Other Breeds Stakes Champion, Pauline, Eberl Mulinette resin owned by Darleen Stoddard
Instead of having a Championship callback at the end of each section, there is a Stakes Class.  Any horse that has won a TRXC ticket at this, or any other show during the qualifying period, may advance to the Stakes Class.  The Stakes Classes are part of the Championship Show and are judged by separate set of judges (this year, that was Eleanor Harvey and myself).
AR/CM Performance Action Western Stakes Reserve Champion, Catlike owned by Ann Harris
The judges choose a Champion and a Reserve Champion...
OF Performance Costume Stakes Champion, Mikkel owned by Brenda Bednar
as well as three other "Top Five" winners. 
Rosettes are awarded to the Champion and Reserve Champions and all of the Top Five models received a medal.
Custom Other Breed Breed Stakes Champion and Custome Other Breed Stakes Reserve Champion, Bijal owned by Kate Cabot
(Included only because I think it's funny when winners are smaller than their prizes!)
The Saturday divisions were CM/AR Performance,
OF Performance, 
China/Resin Breed halter, 
OF China/Resin Light Breeds Stakes Reserve Champion, Vincent owned by Karen Pajak
and China/Resin Collectibility. 
There were small Custom Glazed China Breed and Collectibility divisions, but I neglected to get any pictures.  Sorry!

On Sunday, we judged OF Plastic Breed Halter,
Part of the OF Plastic Arabian breed class
OF Plastic Collectibility, 
Custom Breed Halter,  
Custom Pony Breed Stakes Champion, Duchess owned by Kate Cabot
Custom Workmanship,  
Custom Light Breed Workmanship Reserve Champion, Princess Ida, painted by Tammy Myrold and owned by Kate Cabot
Resin Breed Halter, 
Resin Pony Breed Stakes Champion, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig Elsie resin owned by Sharon Mossy 
and Resin Workmanship.
Resin Stock Breed Workmanship Reserve Champion and Champion, Down Home Chrome and Frenemy, both owned and painted by Ann Harris
Competition both days was friendly and fierce, with lots of big classes that truly were championship caliber.  It was a wonderful privilege to judge so many beautiful models.  Thanks to Anne and Marisa and everyone else in Region X for allowing me to be a part of it!


  1. Awesome pictures. Love the idea of the call back type. To bad we don't do that here in Region 5

  2. great pictures! interestingly, i didn't much like the half moon cross country jump in real life - but as a prop it looks fabulous!

  3. Thanks so much for coming out and judging for us, Jennifer. It was great to have you. The misty you posted belongs to me. Her name is Mistyfied. Love all the great photos in your blog posts.